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We are SO tired of seeing this show so frequently and its current MC...He occupies about half or more of the total GSN viewing hours in the day and his demeanor is so arrogant....can't you put another game show? even replays from the past would be preferable. We like Whammy, The Chase, Jeopardy, etc. Shows with class and attractive MC's. While we are commenting, the MC's in Deal or No Deal and Catch 21 occupy too much of the time with their self...
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GSN advertises "all new" shows at certain times of certain evenings. I have yet to see ONE "Family Feud" episode that is ANY newer than 2013 - at ANY time they've had it on! As far as the show itself, it is LITERALLY riddled with unfairness and skipping rules for some and blatant over-enforcing the same rules on other people - as in extra time to answer for blacks and almost no time for whites.I'm not racially prejudiced by ANY means; but, these...
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I didn't like
  • Repeated unfairness